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You might not know this, but I spent my childhood quietly in the shade of fig trees in Corsica, my mother living it up at the height of the craziness of the 80s.

Oh no worries, she looked after me incredibly well, but her second home was the Palace. She took planes like they were the metro and her idols were Alaïa, Montana and Mugler.

And with Mugler, she so wore it, I mean wore it. Even the craziest stuff with the giant epaulettes. And even around our tiny little Corsican village. It’s left me with quite a few memories that we’ll just call… vivid and colorful.

So you understand my excitement when I went to my first Mugler show yesterday.

The women’s collection came out with a bang. Reshaped and redesigned by their new designer, Sebastien Peigné, and by their high-profile artistic director Nicola Formichetti, the famous stylist for the famous Lady Gaga.

That was quite the comeback.

Lady Gaga walked the show as she had announced on Twitter a few hours before and the models were in a frenzy (especially the amazing Coco Rocha) : the show was just as crazy and different as I imagined.

The clothes were more like show costumes, but it didn’t bother me one bit as that’s what I would expect from Mugler… Excess.

It’s more than fashion, it’s entertainment* said Nicola Formichetti after the show. That’s exactly what I felt. Next time, I’m getting a seat for my mother.


* It’s even more funny because we were just yesterday talking about the mega-shows with Dolce & Gabbana remember? And in the middle of all the comments (yes, I read them, one by one :-) there was one from Vanessa saying that Mugler had put together one of its first runway mega-shows, in 1984 at the Zenith in Paris, for 6,000 people who paid for their seat…

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Translation : Tim Sullivan