I saw Nina in the street yesterday. I had no idea who she was, but I thought she was super magnetic and so took her picture.

And then a little while later, I passed by her again at the Burberry show and saw that she was surrounded by hoards of body guards and general pandemonium so I asked someone who she was.

She’s the new Burberry beauty, someone whispered.

I smiled at just how much the standards of beauty have evolved throughout the years. The era of the perfect face is over, and today, it seems like we’re looking more for a certain presence, style, an attitude, yeah, all these words that mean nothing at all, this so undefinable thing that serves to create mystery.

Girls who where the exception 10 years ago, like Kirsten Mc Menamy for example, are now the majority on the runways. Even Gisèle has been “weirdified” on the Balenciaga add campaign. I love that.

So off I went to find my seat at the show and there I was seated right in front of Stella Tennant. Stella Tennant, 40 years old, more sublime and cool than ever, with her strangely penetrating face. I don’t know why she gets me so much.

I looked at her and thought that she’ll never get a day older. Or I guess maybe yeah, she’ll get older, but her beauty never will. Her beauty will go with her until the very end and never will she need work done because just as with Nina, her beauty comes from this undefinable place that scalpels could never touch.

Yep, other than that, if you’ve ever wanted to cut your hair short, now’s the time. There are little short-cuts all over the place. Hmmmm, wait. I guess that means that actually, it’s already too late! ;-)

Translation : Tim Sullivan