So here we are in London, and there you have it.

It’s raining. Other than that…

Shopping : All the Parisians are making their obligatory stroll around TopShop (which isn’t in Paris yet). All the New Yorkers are doing their obligatory stroll around Cos (which isn’t in NYC yet).

So as this time around I went to Cos, I suppose that makes me officially a New Yorker!

But outside of that, yep…. It’s raining.

It-Girl : The It-Girl is definitely an English phenomenon. In New York, you don’t see too many in the front row. The question that keeps coming up for me is how they are so dressed to the nines at every show? Do they get paid to go to the shows? Or is it because it’s good advertising? Or does it depend on the degree of celebrity? Do you guys know? Okay, it’s a deal, I’m launching an investigation.

And did I mention it’s raining?

Gossip : In the British Grazia, they said that Blake Lively is gonna take the role of a young Carrie Bradshaw in a movie to come.

Wait, Carrie’s too old? Pffff, totally the end of an era. But so curious to see what’s to come as well. Because really, I don’t know that I could take another stiletto clad adventure underneath palm trees.

Wait, I think I just saw some sunshine… Wait for it…

Fashion : Mulberry makes amazing bags. Burberry makes the most sublime trench coats. Margaret Howell makes shirts to die for and the best parties in the world are in London. And that being the case, why on earth do all the shows start at 9:00 in the morning? Why, WHY?!

Ah nope. Damn. It was just a car headlight.

Good news! The models in London are a little bit less skinny than in New York. During the Mulberry show, I even thought I might have seen… some breast! Real ones that move (a tiny bit)! Wahoo!

Hold on, I gotta get an umbrella from the hotel.

Ahhh dammit. The hotel umbrellas are way too big (and in a florescent pink)(all that just so we don’t steal them? Who do they take us for?)

Bad News! I almost poked a fashion editor’s eye out who seemed pretty important as I saw her in the front row every day. I’m not sure who she is, but I gave her a million apologies and threw my umbrella at my chauffeur. Cause this is exactly the kind of thing that could get you shunned from fashion for life. Like cutting off Anna Wintour mid-stride (been done). Or getting confused and accidently stealing a VIP’s seat at a show (been done).

And so that’s why who cares? I’ll let the rain rain down right on me.

We’re in London after all, and that’s just how it goes, and it’s beautiful that way.

Translation : Tim Sullivan