This morning, a coolitude fourfecta :

– The Jacket On The Shoulders : We talked about it here, it totally makes an outfit.

– The Cigarette. Even if we have to stop smoking, no such oh so cool accessories have been found to replace it yet. Anyway I heard it will soon be forbidden to smoke on the streets. This is a historical picture, guys !

– The Trench. Because The Trench.

– The Wink. One of my favorite accessories. This or a smile, or even better, this plus a smile is the perfect detail to be totally cool.

Ok now I am on my way to pack my luggage, as we are going to London today ! London, home of the trench and of iD, the magazine that put a wink on each of their covers since 1980, city of cool, city of fashion, by definishion. Kisses !

PS : You have the right to NOT want to be cool, too. This word is totally overused anyway (mostly by me). And I love Anna Dello Russo’s moto : “I don’t want to be cool, I want to be fashion” Oh, what a cool way of freing yourself from the cool. Sooooo coooooool.