I can’t believe it’s already fashion week, I can’t believe that…

– Models are so skinny (It always strikes me at the beginning of the shows, and then I get used to it)

– There are now more streetstyle photographers outside the shows than editors (and sometimes even more dressed up – and I mean, Anna Dello Russo dressed up)

– Trend for next winter : fur. It’s everywhere, in the shows and on the street (I wonder what it says about our times)

– I am still unable to plan a fashion week wardrobe (but now, I don’t really care)

– My friends send me texts from Paris congratulating me about my grey knit hat. What ? How do they know I am wearing a greay knit hat right now ? (You can now see live what’s happening at the shows, even just in the venue. Meaning that when a show is 45 minutes late, you can totally get bored with us. And have a look at my knit hat)

– Fashion is chic and has a certain modern elegance. I like that a lot (I just hope it’s not going to get hopelessly bobo (bourgeois boring).

– If it doesn’t, I feel this season is going to be a very beautiful one.

Well that’s it for the moment, oh no wait one last thing : I think I am going to have to make a choice. It’s going to be this blog or the parties. For example yesterday I had to go to a dinner, and I got back so exhausted that I am now writing this post at the super last second. So much that I just had to do all the translation myself without the help of lovely Tim.

Pffffff I won’t be able to make it.

So here is my choice : It will be the blog. Kisses !!!