Here’s a few images from Closet Confidential on yours truly that just appeared in Elle UK. Scott took the photos (except for the one of the two of us, which Eddie took) and you can see some of my favorite clothes, including this amazing coat I found at Zara, my pearl necklace I brought back from Turkey, my Borsalino, my red Lanvins, my little Alaïa clutch, some of my favorite ballet shoes (and Tom Ford who says a few pages later, “I hate flats shoes; I can’t stand another pair of those ballet pumps…” Ahaha), my amazing Lahssan trench, my suitcase, my G mug, my Khiels shampoo, and even my Agent Provocateur corset that I wore to the Vogue masquerade ball.

Stuff, stuff, stuff! Voilà!!!

Thanks to Elle. I love the magazine just as much as I love the fantastic team behind it.

Translation : Tim Sullivan

PS – You can see some other images by clicking on the top picture, on the right –