I went on a desperate shopping adventure, what with fashion month starting tomorrow and considering I spent all of winter in a parka and a pair of Sorels completely forgetting the definitions of the words “heel,” “skirt,” “blush,” and so on , so I had to think about retransforming myself into a girl in less than two days.

And that’s how I ended at Kirna Zabete, a boutique that sells more or less all the brands that make me love fashion (including Anthony Vaccarello! Wahoo for young designers!!!) and Kirna & Zabete were there.

We took this photo together. No but seriously take a look these lovely ladies!!! They were on their way to buy some Valentine’s Day gifts for their kids. (??? Americans have the oddest customs at times). But moving on..

Then I bought a pair of Narciso Rodriguez pants that were on super sale and a little Givenchy cardigan that really just couldn’t have been any more on sale.

After that, I took a quick walk around J. Crew and bought some colorful socks, as ever since I saw the Céline pre-fall, I’ve wanted to stick colored socks into all my high heels.

Finally, just around the corner a block or so down, I bought some nice pink blush.

Just like that, in a few hours, I felt like I became a woman all over again.

When I got back home with my teapuccino (the most ridiculous name ever, but hey, don’t hate, I love it.) no longer with even a hint of desperation,  I decided to do my nails all by myself, just for fun.

One was not born a woman, one becomes one, said Beauvoir.

Yeah… Okay.

Well, I mean, at least two days before fashion week…

Translation : Tim Sullivan