I met Kate to talk about work, clothes, and travel, and then I realized that this girl is a gold mine of little treasures and places to see in New York!

She knows all the restaurants (everything from where to meet whichever celebrity who gets his breakfast there everyday to the little inexpensive hole-in-the-walls). She knows all the best vintage shops and even has keys to Gramercy Park – a member’s only park, yes, yes, everything exists in New York.

So yeah, I’m making her do a city guide because I never stop getting e-mails asking for my favorite places in New York even though I’m still in the discovery phase (and I hope to stay there as long as I can!)… So as I am a newby, I figured I would ask my friends.

So if you have other questions besides the ones I usually ask… Don’t hesitate to send them along!

In the meantime, let’s all come together to admire her hat, jacket and that vintage cardigan, exactly the one I would like to spend all my winter in. I love it! Big hugs!

Translation : Tim Sullivan