No but I didn’t tell you anything about my Sydney trip !!! I am leaving tomorrow and I didn’t tell you anything !!! I have to tell you everything !!! From my non-surf day to my visit to a psychic to my meeting Oprah Winfrey !!!

Well you know all this is because of the time difference. Look. You are just waking up. But my monday is almost over !!! Yes, I know. Me too, each time, it blows my mind.

Like here for example, I’d like to tell you everything but I can’t !!! Tim my beloved translator must be sleeping like a baby in Texas and I don’t feel like translating the whole story myself after this long day of shooting I am just coming back from (I know. This sentence sounds weird but guys it’s just me translatiing !!! After a long day of shooting !!!). Shooting went good, thanks, pass on the Pinot.

All right so here is this picture of Francesca – Yes, I know, she’s a model, yes, I know, it’s not fair, yeah, I know, she’s wearing shorts and you are piling up parkas, I know, I KNOW – That I saw walking on the street while I was shooting, that I found so cute I left my shooting to shoot her in the middle of my shooting.

Ok so I should stop writing now as I am translating all the text myself and I’ve had enough today – pass on the Pinot -, and I want to tell you that I am SO scared to come back to freeeeeezing winter tomorrow when I’ve been enjoying my Rondinis for the last two weeks, and that I actually haven’t met Oprah, but I am going to go to her show tomorrow at the Opera House – renamed the Oprah House in her honor – and that I was told it is THE thing I shouldn’t miss in Sydney this week.

So, Francesca, beautiful, shirt, picture, me coming back soon, bisou, bisou, bisou.

Wow. This post is totally super whatever. Oh well. Picture is nice !