So, can you guess what I am going to talk about ?

It’s funny. I seriously just had the idea of doing a post about slightly strange beauty techniques (like those little fishies that give you a pedicure or eyelash extensions, but don’t worry, we’ll get back to it soon) when this morning I gasped the second I saw my photo producer Tamiko’s eye color.

“Woooo Tamiko your eyes are the coolest color. You’re so lucky. I love it!!!” She blushed a little and apologized for deceiving me, but they were indeed color contacts.

WHAT? I got a little closer and really, I didn’t see a thing. Mmmmm.  Pfffff.

She fooled me? The Great Destroyer of Faux Green Eyes? Me? Who never for a second believed that Naomi Campbell had a Peruvian grand mother that would be the justification for her blue eyes… She got me, with my hawk eyes for colored eyes? Yep. Me. I was totally fooled.

What do you think? Do you think it’s nothing more than a kind of make up? Or is it cheating your true personality? Is it just ridiculous? Or beautiful? Who cares? Pfffff.  I’m so lost. What I know is that it looks amazing on Tamiko.

And if one day I am telling you a story about my deep green eyes coming from my peruvian grandmother, well, don’t say I hadn’t warned you !


Here is an update with Tamiko’s comment… Thank you so much Tamiko !

Hello Garance.

Well, since your departure the sun has faded and the rain set in – you are no longer missing anything here!

Thank you for my beautiful post. You have a talent for making the everyday more interesting and i’m so excited to see the final results of your work in Sydney soon!!.

Anyway – for all those keen to know.

My shirt is a shirt dress from an amazing Australian designer Jessie White whose label is called Shakuhachi

And my contact lenses are actually a brand called Freshlook Dimensions (i’m wearing Sea Green)… i think the thing that makes them look so natural is that they are only tinted around the edge leaving your natural colour still to be seen in the middle).

Anyway – thanks for outing me to the world!!! I’m a fake! It’s true!

(Just so you know though they are actually prescription so i do need them to see – and if i’m not wearing them i’m wearing glasses – either way it’s all a part of accessorizing our look isn’t it?)

Much love.