I for sure consider myself coming from a pretty low base camp when it comes to beauty (I wash my face with bar soap and I hold strong the thought that face creams are the same thing as ice creams – all the same, just with different scents), so I was super surprised by the passion with which I responded to the millions of questions that Lauren asked me for the Vanity column in the French Elle.

The number of products I use on a daily basis is crazy!!!

Moi qui me considère comme étant super nulle en beauté (je me lave le visage au savon et je crois dur comme fer que les crèmes de soin sont comme les crèmes glacées – toutes les mêmes avec des parfums différents), j’ai été surprise par la passion avec laquelle j’ai répondu aux millions de questions que Lauren m’a posées pour la rubrique Vanity du Elle.

Le nombre de produits de beauté que j’utilise au quotidien !!! Dingue.

I’ll let you take a look yourself and please! Give me some advice on how to get addicted to yoga. No seriously, I recently started up again with my dream of becoming YoGaGa but I still haven’t found the magic formula to get myself to class as opposed to sprawling out on my couch head first! Which, I assure you, is a yoga pose all its own.

Ooook. I’ll stop talking now. Here are my responses to the Vanity questionnaire, that Tim translated in English just for you! Big hugs!

The first thing you think of hopping out of bed?

I drink a half-liter of water! And then my weight loss coach, aka Scott, makes me eat muesli with fresh raspberries. He says they’re the best fruit in the world.

Your morning skin-care routine?

I wash my face with a bar of Dove. Practical, as you can find them everywhere in the world. It helps remove shine as my skin is mixed. And then I put on some of Kiehl’s Abyssine cream with an SPF 23 as I got quite a bit of sun while growing up in Corsica. I use the some Kiehl’s eye contour and get up any excess oil with these little shine remover strips by Muji before putting on makeup. For the body, I’ll always reach for Body Oil by Neutrogena.

And night?

Hit up the Dove once again, and then a dose of Midnight Recovery Concentrate oil by Kiehl’s. If my man is around, he gives it to me with a little face massage! And if my skin is a bit tired, after fashion weeks for example, I cure it with some Total Turnaround by Clinique for about 14 days.

How do you keep your hair healthy?

I wash it every day with a neutral shampoo, Shampure by Aveda. I nourish my curls with a touch of Drench Conditioner by Sebastian.

What little pleasure do you allow yourself from time to time?

A manicure! I am addicted. There’s a nail spa right down the block from my apartment with all the Essie polishes.

How do you stay in shape?

Getting up and moving is the only way to calm this anxious wreck. I run around the block or I do some Power Yoga. And then I eat whatever I want: exercise regulates my appetite and my moods.

What was the last beauty-care buy that won you over?

In Australia, I discovered the brand Aésop and, most memorably, their massage oil All’s Well, jam packed with essential oils.

The faux-pas you most regret?

There aren’t many, as I am really low maintenance about beauty. I succumbed to the dream of all curly haired girls : straight hair. I did a Keratin Treatment with Thomas Heinz, an amazing New York stylist. But then I realized that I was truly a curly-head at heart.

Your favorite spas?

L’espace France-Asie in Paris for thai massage, and the Bulgari spa in Milan.

A personal recipe to make you feel beautiful?

My moroccan grandmother passed down the hammam culture. Once a month, I exfoliate my entire body with a bath glove. And then soap up and finish with a cold wash.

The perfume you’ll never stop using?

Acqua de Cuba by Santa Maria Novella.

The best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

Alexandra Golovanoff taught me to do a high pony tail with locks of hair tied around the base.

Je vous laisse jeter un œil, et je vous en prie ! Donnez moi vos solutions pour devenir accro au yoga. Non parce que même si dans l’interview je fais genre la fille trop qui se la pète hyper zen dans son ashram j’ai toujours pas trouvé la formule magique qui me fera préférer aller au yoga qu’à rester vautrée la tête la première dans mon canapé. Ce qui, je vous l’accorde, est déjà en soi… Une position de yoga.

Bon allez ! Je vous laisse y jeter un oeil (vous pouvez cliquer sur l’image pour l’agrandir). Dites-moi ce que vous en pensez !!!