• Autumn in Italy is just one of those perfect things. You’d believe me in a second if I told you that the day I took this photo, people were swimming on the Italian coast… in NOVEMBER!

•  Autumn in Italy is great : there are practically only Italians. Still, I managed to ask how to get to the Duomo (okay, so I needed to get to the Duomo to get to the Zara right near the Duomo, aahhhhh I’m the worst, ahah!) from a group of Americans, ha.

• Autumn in Italy is also the season of fig-walnut sorbet, impossible to find in summer, because our sorbets are made with fruits in season, mademoiselle! Oh man, it’s so good!

• And it’s also my friends Vivianna and Aurora, with all our photo projects and laughing escapades.

• Finally, autumn in Italy, it’s just like everywhere else… camel fever. And that’s how I ended up coming home yesterday from a little mini shopping trip with a camel coat, camel pants, and a camel blouse.

How exactly do you say fashion victim in Italian?

Baci! Baci! Ciao!

Translation : Tim Sullivan