I know. It’s a little melodramatic of a title, but you know I have this never-ending quest for the holy grail of hair, and that when it comes to my hair, dramatic words don’t scare me.

Let’s take another look at the facts:

It was more than six months ago that I announced, with a photo to prove it, that I had changed the state of my hair and was becoming a member of the straight-hair club, straight, straight, straight like a Céline coat. Pure joy.


And I figured out, after the number of e-mails and comments I got that day and still receive today, that I wasn’t the only one who dreamed of being different.

I got so many compliments.

Aaaaaaaah, compliments. So proud.

Joy > Pride.

And I also chose not to get too concerned with the mail I got from the girls who were none too pleased that I was no longer part of the wavy-hair club. I was just too happy.

I also ignored the kind but curious comments from my darling man, “How long does this thing last? No, I mean, straight-hair is nice and all, but when do I get to see my Garance again, the true Garance?”

The true Garance. Pffff, whatever. I lifted my eyes to the heavens as a sign of my denial.

Joy, pride > denial.

Soon I figured out that having straight hair is a little like having short hair.  That is to say, straight hair just doesn’t frame my face as nicely as wavy hair does. My face felt naked.

And besides, straight-hair is the same every day. And really, when you are used wavy-hair’s tantrums which change each hour, are utterly unmanageable, and give you a different head every day without asking a thing… Well, you get a little bored with straight-hair in the end.

Ooookay, pony-tail.

Joy, pride, denial > pony-tail.

After a few months, my hair started waving again. Week after week, I watched them slowly take form and undulate. And as they were getting back to their original shape, I felt like I found myself again.

Not for a second did I think to head back for another Keratin Treatment.

Joy, pride, denial, pony-tail > BACK TO THE BEGINNING.

Moral of the story : Just like the beautifully wavy-haired Alexandra said, for most of us, we have the kind of hair that goes best with our faces.

But as my beautiful and straight-haired sister would yell if she heard that, addicted as she is to Japanese straightening, I would say that there is no moral whatsoever to this story.

Or maybe there is, and those are…

1/ Vive the pony-tail.

2/ Vive men who love you for who you are.

3/ Always do the things you dream of, because that way, you can move on to other things. Short hair: check. Straight hair: check. Platinum blond hair… Hmmmmm…

You think I could pull off platinum blonde?


Translation : Tim Sullivan