Woooooooo welcome to my new siteeeeeeeee yeaaaaaaaah!

So here’s the result of of a few months of work with my friendz at Colorz to deliver you this hot-off-the-press brand new blog!

Yet again they have listened to everything I wanted and made it into reality. Larger images that I can switch around however I want (you’ll see more what I’m talking about in the upcoming days) a search tool that’s way too much fun (I still have to tag all my articles, but you’ll see just how fantastic it is oh so soon) and so many other new tools and buttons to play with that even I sometimes don’t know how everything works.

If we’re lucky, if we keep going down this path, my blog will even make me coffee in the morning. That’d be the day.

So quick, I couldn’t be happier. I hope that you like my new home and, as always, that you feel at home here yourself. Don’t hesitate to give yourself a tour, tell me what you think, and point out any bugs… For the moment it’s a bit slow and we are still fixing a million of little problems. But it should be all set by tomorrow !

I’ll take this opportunity to send you all my love and to say merci, merci, merci!!!

Big hugs!

Translation : Tim Sullivan