So there we have it, three seasons where Phoebe Philo has brought her vision of the unapologetic, hardworking, feminine, and modern woman into fruition. Three seasons that everybody loves it, three seasons where “everyone wants a piece of Céline.”

Saturday, I was with my sister. We went to Zara. There were three entire racks of clothes very very very much inspired by by the Céline collections.

Like all girls with a somewhat normal constitution, we pounced right on ’em, and tried them all on. They were all super pretty.

After we had enough of straight cut pants, white shirts and black capes, we went to go get some coffee.

And we wondered how we would feel if we were Phoebe Philo, if we saw all our ideas reprised in every way. How would you feel ? Flattered or fatigued?


PS: I’ll post a video for you later on of the Céline show! That way, we can pick a theme for the whole day! Pffffff, awesome! ;-)

Translation : Tim Sullivan