I don’t know if you remember, but a few months ago, I was sent off on a trip to the very edge of reality. I got to go film for David Yurman with one of my favorite photographers, Peter Lindbergh. Aaaaaah.

But also because the model, who I couldn’t tell you about at the time, was Kate Moss.

I never really had much of an opinion of Kate Moss. I had a sort of distant admiration for the woman who knew how to keep quiet when everyone was asking the top-models their opinion on everything, and I watched her grow up, so to speak, in all the magazines, and I totally get the icon status seeing as she has inspired entire books from people she’s never met, millions of editorials, ads, holograms, and even giant gold statues.

So yeah, I was curious to see her, flesh and blood.

And it was then, after 24 hours on a plane, 3 fresh pineapple juices, and recovering from my shock after meeting Peter Lindbergh, that I had the most bizarre revelation: Kate Moss is normal.

I spent two days with her, watching as much as I wanted, filming her, taking photos of her and talking with her, without ever really entering into her bubble. Content and funny, she would gossip around and have a smoke. Sometimes, Jamie Hince would come over and nuzzle her a little, or she would wrap her arms around Sybil Yurman’s neck, or strike the most impeccable poses to really show just how much the jewelry was worth that Peter Lindbergh was photographing.

During a super intimate dinner that the Yurman family invited me to in the most incredible villa in Saint Barth, (Yeah, I know, so luckyyyy!!!), she was there, telling jokes and really taking interest in everyone, dancing around with no afterthought. Disarming in her simplicity.

But yeah, there’s gotta be something, no?

She’s so incredibly photogenic. Even before eny retouching, everyone photo of her is to die for.
There’s her rock’n roll side. Watching her evolve, you realize that it was all her, the inspiration for a generation that never stops wearing skinny jeans.
There’s that distance. In the blink of an eye, in just a second, she knows how to put a veil between her and the world. That’s really when you can’t help but remember : this girl is a star.

And there you have it. Between Kate Moss and me, nothing has really changed. Now I see the Yurman pictures in all the cities of the world, her beautiful face posted onto the largest billboards. The photos are sublime and give me that same feeling as if I had never met her. The only thing is that now I see that veil over her eyes. That distance.

That distance, isn’t it the best thing you can find for inspiring desire?

Translation : Tim Sullivan