There I was, in the middle of picking out for you a photo of Marybeth, when I found this shot that my assistant got of the two of us working.

And then I thought that on top of having the pleasure of admiring Marybeth’s shirt and necklace (vintage)(super cool, right?)(and her belt, a find in Africa)(Ever since the day I met her on the street, we haven’t stopped working together on so many different projects), this would also give me the opportunity to do a little hair parenthesis — You know how much I like doing hair parenthesis — and to talk to you about…

My ponytail.

I thought I had found an elegant alternative do the deconstructed bun (yes, deconstructed, it’s a MEGA EUPHEMISM)(meaning do it super fast) that just so happened to make me seem like I wanted to be 18 all over again and that I was a liberal arts major with a theater minor.

I was totally excited when I started doing ponytails, and Scott too, because I came to understand that the ponytail gives off this sexy bourgeoise vibe — Sexy works in mysterious ways –.

I was thrilled, right up until I showed my hairdresser my hair,  quite damaged, and she says to me, “It’s because you wear it up too much! Every time I see you, you have your hair up. You wear it up and that’s great and all, but it’ll break it, not so good.”

And she put me on a hair-down-diet.

I can only put it up in a lose bun, like Marybeth, who apparently knows all this and has sublime hair.

In all seriousness, living without putting your hair up is harder than quitting cigarettes. Right now, as I’m talking to you, my hair is up, I’m such a REBEL. I think I’m going off to liberal arts school. Theater minor.


Translation : Tim Sullivan