Three days. That’s how it took me to get in the groove of fashion week.

Three years after my very first shows, what has changed? At first I was mesmerized by eveything I saw. Now I have more distance… And I hate that feeling!
Too bad. Wouldn’t it be great if we could always keep our innocence?

A few months ago, I was talking about this feeling to Carine Roitfeld. She told me, “It’s true you become used to it. But after a few years you also know that each time, something will happen. You will see something exciting. It can be a show, some music, a party, a skirt lenght, a new model or just a girl you see on the street…”

At that moment, the inspiration is even stronger : you know what it’s worth.

What about you ? I have the feeling I am living this story with you… In three years, we went from outside the shows to front rows. Fashion boomed on the Internet, showing you every tiny detail, making fashion a real show business. Like me, now you know the name of each fashion editor, the last shoe of each designer and how to pronounce exactly Proenza Schouler.

Do you feel your vision of fashion has changed? Are you still interested by the same things?


PS : Another thing Carine Roitfeld told me is to go to the parties. She told me to go out at night, that it’s where you feel what’s truly going on. I listened to her and Saturday we went to Alexander Wang’s after party and… We filmed everything !

I’ll be back soon with the video.

You’ll see, Alex brought us right back to childhood !