Tonight, it’s Fashion Night Out in New York.

Soon I’ll open the garment bag Jil Sander’s press office sent me yesterday afternoon, get out one of the dresses I picked out from their lookbook, I’ll wait for Scott, jump into a taxi and head over to their boutique in Soho.

Once I get there, I’ll finally see the large format images that I shot for them this summer in New York. Scott will tell me he’s proud of me, and the Jil Sander team will offer me a glass of champagne and big smiles. The small group I worked with will be there, and all my New York crüe will be make their way over, my favorite models, a few friends…

I’ll feel strangely intoxicated like every time that I’m forced into the spotlight and my ego takes off.

I’ll try to take a few photos, and tell you all about everything, and as that will give me the opportunity to tell you the true story, the one where I never fit in the press samples, where I put mascara directly onto my retina, or where everyone is late except for me so I’m stuck anxiously looking around the room wondering if people are gonna show up as I’d hoped.

But here’s the invite! If you’re in New York, come say hello. Really, I would love to meet you, and I’ve gotta keep reminding myself to give my arm a little pinch, and that my real life is pretty dreamy, and that no one really cares if my hair isn’t perfectly coiffed and that my feet hurt.

It’s open to the public. Come! Big hugs!

Translation : Tim Sullivan