I am the queen of fashion faux pas… But these are some things that, even as much as I love them, I still would never dare try them:

• The cat eye.
• Overalls (Since tuesday, I gave it a deep thought). Even if Only if Except if Lauren Hutton gives them to me.
• Tattoos. Every time I want to get a tattoo, I give myself three months of decide and not one has ever passed the test! I know, I’m far too reasonable.
• Short hair. I’ve done it. I’ve loved it for over three years (I have to show you my drivers licence picture), but now just the thought of cutting my hair short makes me anxious. There any good shrinks in NYC? (ahahah)
• Pointed ballet flats. I love them, but I wear a size 9. You see why I haven’t gone near ’em?
• Platinum blond. Roots. Roots. Roots.

That’s it for the moment. Do you have any fashion things you know you’ll never try ?

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EDIT 2.15 : Oups, reading your comments I realise I must have phrased that the wrong way. I wasn’t talking about the fashion items I hate, but about those I love but would never wear. Bisou !