It looks like a hurricane is going to take summer with it this weekend. Pffff. I knew it, I mean, it is back to school time and everything, but ever since I saw September 1st on my cell phone yesterday, even if it’s unbearably hot here in New York, everything’s different. Everyone is running everywhere, the email boxes are exploding and I’ve even started getting invites to fashion week!  Whoaaaaa, easy there, slow it down!

Mmmmm, I seriously have to consider thinking about…

Il paraît qu’un ouragan va emporter l’été avec lui ce week-end. Pfffff. Je le savais, que c’était la rentrée, mais n’empêche, depuis qu’hier s’est affiché 1er septembre sur mon téléphone, même si il fait une chaleur de malade à New York, rien ne va plus. Tout le monde court dans tout les sens, et on a même commencé à recevoir des invits pour la fashion week ! Wooooo, du calme !

Mmmmm, va sérieusement falloir que je commence à penser à…

– Packing away my jean shorts : Like all girls in the world, I spend my summer in jean shorts (with the pockets hanging out the bottom, of course). Aaaah, it was awesome. But yeah, hello creativity. Jean shorts and a shirt, yep, all summer long. I don’t know how to dress myself anymore.

– Getting back up on my heels : Wait what? Heels? The word simply disappeared from my vocabulary when I started being all cool in my flats. I swear, I tried on a pair of stilettos on monday (yes, this word still exists, why would you think otherwise?), and I just about fell flat on my face in the middle of the store. Classy.

– Putting on my makeup : Listen, well first wait, where is my makeup? During the summer, I end up with blush + mascara, even on red carpet days (?). Even just saying the word “foundation” in my head gives me chills up my spine.

– How to do my hair : Aaaaah, the bun is totally over, I CANNOT keep just tossing it up. Even Scott said to me yesterday (and I’m telling you, September first does something to everyone!) (breathe Garance, inhale exhale), “So I was thinking that from time to time, maybe, just maybe, and it’s just a suggestion, you know, but maybe I was thinking you could do SOMETHING with your hair?” I didn’t take it personally. But I don’t know that I remember how to turn a hairdryer at all.

– Get waxed : —— —- — Naaaaan I’m totally just kidding.

Okay, off we go kids, to work! It’s back to school! For real now! Bonne journée!


PS1 (C’mon no, not the bag! How many times am I going to have to say this?) : But yes of course, take a closer look, this photo totally makes sense with the subject du jour. It represents the coolitude of summer, no?  Am I right or am I right?!

PS2 : Am I right ? Or right ?

PS3 : Ok, I really gotta quit it with the rosé. That, too, is summer. Aaaaah, how stupid is this back to school stuff?!

Translation : Tim Sullivan