Take a good look at these sneakers… Do you see what I see? The most amazing detail ever? Hahaha.

These sneakers have heels HIDDEN INSIDE THE SHOES!!!

So I was doing a shoot with a dozen girls that were all more fashionable than the next, and all of us were stopped cold by these shoes, and everyone had her own reaction…

“Wait, what’s the point of walking around in heels if no one can notice you’re in heels?”

“NO WAY if you’re short, they’re perfect. You could fool everyone!”

“It’s like a pushup bra for the legs. No one knows it’s there and you seem so cool in your sneakers like nothing’s up, and then bam! You get 3 inches taller and no one knows any better.” (—-> that’s me)

“Yeah, okay. But aren’t sneakers just for giving the feet a day off?”

“Pffff, not at all. Sneakers like that are style accessories just like anything else. Not something to take a day off in, what’re you thinking?

“I’m with you. They’re awesome.”

“Me too.” (—-> Anda)

“Me too.” (—-> Masha)

“Yeah! And then on top of that, they’ll make your feet look small, like an optical illusion. I love it.”

“As for me, anything Isabel Marant does, I’ll take it.” (—-> all the girls in unison)(Yep, Vive la France!)


And there you have it… Everything I remember.

So, what do you think of ’em?

Translation : Tim Sullivan