Last week, I spent a lot of time taking photos. One of the shoots lasted three days and that’s where I met Anda & Masha, two stylists whom I just love working with. These girls, lemmie tell you, TOO cool.

I love their simple style, perfect for working in a exhaustingly fast paced rhythm in an exhaustingly hot weather with the most exhausting photographer.

So I noted three things :

• Just like me, Anda is on team eyebrows, ahah. There are the girls who can’t stand when you see their eyebrows over sunglasses, and others that think that it hides all your expressions. As for me, I like when you can see my eyebrows. Ok, so set aside how dumb this point is. Ok, I’m really afraid of nothing. Ok, maybe I’m a little afraid of how stupid some of the stuff is I talk about. So, moving on, to point number 2.

• Just like me, Anda loves oversized denim shirts. Except for unlike me, who looks a little bag flying in the wind when I wear the old shirts I stole from my father’s closet that’s how much I’m swimming inside them, she had the wonderful idea of cutting the sleeves. That way, you can see her arms and that balances out the silhouette. What do you think I did right when I get home? Wait, where are the scissors?

• Real working girls wear flats. Long live derbies, Converse, and hello to whatever shoes Masha is wearing below, half espadrilles, half sneakers, and EVERYONE is wearing them in New York this summer.

Voilà, besides being fantastic, Anda & Masha make hats, and so I told them that I love hats and I want to see what they’ve got, and they said ok, let’s meet as soon as we make it back to L.A.

So if they’re not too afraid after reading this post (who could blame ’em?), I’ll get right on showing you some of their designs. Anda is wearing one of them in the photo right above, that’s a good start, don’t you think?

Translation : Tim Sullivan