This weekend, Scott succeeded in dragging me away from my computer. I had 8,000 tons of work and so he said to me, “Come on, you can work at the hotel!” He didn’t need to say much more. We went to Montauk, a little town in the Hamptons where all of New York spends the weekend taking in some sun, surfing, and… well, diving back into New York ambiance, if truth be told.

And Saturday, at the end of the afternoon, we had some drinks at Surf lodge. I just loved it. That said, it’s not so surprising seeing as —–>

#1 – I have an insatiable love for everything that comes close to being surf related. If I so much as see a surf board, I start swooning. It’s one of the things on my to do list in life, take a week off for a surf class in Hawaii. One day, one day!!!

#2 – I have an undying love for the atmosphere of vacation homes, and it’s exactly the feeling you get when you walk into the restaurant.

When I get a house (one day, one day!!!) I’ll decorate it like a vacation home. It’ll be simple, uncluttered, but definitely not perfect. It’ll be cool luxury, you know, with some objects I’ve collected from my various travels, a big wooden table, and lots of paperbacks and books full of images everywhere.

#3 – I’m crazy about the Lisa Marie Fernandez swimsuits. And there’s a little beach-y store just next to the restaurant… And they had the entire collection. Raaaaaaah.

#4 – I love tossing down cocktails and ESPECIALLY love being a barfly.

What? C’mon!

#5 – I love eating. And one of my favorite things for summer, besides watermelon sorbet and mojitos, is grilled vegetables. Little peppers, just little baby ones, oh I just melt. Especially if the person cooking them is… Ta daaaaa!!!

Sam Talbot, the chef!

Does it look like I am more stuffed or impressed in this picture? More stuffed than anything else? Ahahahaha. You’re right indeed.

Okay, off we go, back to work for me. Bonne journée and don’t forget to put slices of cucumber in your water pitchers, it’s oh so good. Big hugs!

Translation : Tim Sullivan