Last year, I got hung up on a Margaret Howell shirt. So simple, so beautiful, in the most perfect cream cotton. The thing that did me in was the little MH discretely embroidered on the pocket. I pictured myself wearing it like a piece from a bygone era, like something that belonged to my grandmother.

And then I saw the label, and thought it a touch too pricey and decided just to hold on to the idea of embroidering my current favorite clothes with my own initials. I thought it was the most chic idea on the planet and I needed to do it right away before I forgot.

But of course, two hours later, I forgot all about it.

It wasn’t until recently that I got the idea again. Right in the Céline shop, where they oh so nicely will engrave your bag with your initials. And then a few days ago, when I saw Tim Blanks with his Charvet shirt with TB discretely embroidered on it. And then yesterday, at Lanvin, when I got a picture of this bag.

So I gotta wonder, what’s with this whole thing of initialing your clothes? Is it the need to differentiate ourselves when we all want the same things? Or perhaps it’s the discreet charm of the new bourgeoise that’s so fashionable right now. And by the way, why did they use to embroider their initials on their clothes? Should I get my shirts initialed or just stop this craziness right away?

Oh, and did you recognize the initials on this Lanvin bag?

Translation : Tim Sullivan