For just a moment, we’ll set fashion weeks and men to the side and come back to what’s really important: clothes.

So it’s done, I did it. It just happened. I got out my tiny little vintage Wrangler shorts, smaller than a g-string. I unfolded them, looked at them, and then bam! Put them right on. Kids, we only have one life.

Yep. Seriously though, when I say they’re short, I’m not kidding around. These aren’t shorts for the faint of heart. They’re something this. Or this. It’s the kind of short where you see just a bit of rear, like Jane Fonda, Jane Birkin, like all the Janes. Like in the 70s!

I put on my microshorts, a loose t-shit, a pair of nice flats because heels would have been a little too hello morality police and out I went.

Okay so not quite,

I wasn’t in a big city or around a whole bunch of people or anything like that. It was a day, between Florence and Milan, that I found myself in a resort in a tiny little town right on the Italian coast, we’re talking worst case scenario is a hoard of Geneviève de Fontenay like Italians comme attacking (what a nightmare! Does that ever really exist?) and I thought that if it came down to it, I could pretend like I was just on my way back from the beach and I was in my bathing suit and someone stole my cover up. Something like that. In Italian.

Resultato : (Because I haven’t told you, I speak Italian.)

1/ Micro-shorts, they’re also called hotpants, and not for nothing. They’re hot.
2/ I insist here, whatever you do, don’t try to wear them with heels unless you REALLY want to find yourself on Purple Diary. You’re going for sporty, fresh, cool, that kind of thing, oops! I just am coming back from tennis.
3/ Because you can be SURE that all the guys are going to do a double-take on you. Even a third of your ass, but since I don’t have eyes in the back of my head, I have no idea.
3.1/ If you have a bike, like me, multiply those reactions by 10. Okay, yeah, be safe, get off your bike. You don’t want to cause a car accident.
4/ And girls love it to. They’re gonna compliment you as well. (We’ve talked about feminine complicity before, right? Still must be mentioned, because it’s such an international thing, it’s good like that.)
6/ But in the end nothing too exciting happened. No fashion catastrophe in sight. Just as we get waxed close and we don’t stop at red lights when we’re on our bikes, there’s just no reason, ahah.

So in short (ha!), if you want to give it a shot, just once, just because, just to feel what it’s like to feel super sexy, I for sure recommend it.

But if you just want to be left in peace… Go your own way.

But for me, I found it quite pretty.

So now, what would be even better is that if I tried this in Paris (Aaargggh, there’s no way I ever could!!!)(pffff, I am such a chicken) and then from there, in New York (everyone wears them in New York! No one cares! Okay, at least I think so!), just to see the different reactions.

These are the missions I suit up for, oh no, seriously?

Bonne journée !

Translation : Tim Sullivan