The Pitti Uomo is a menswear trade-show with tons of brands ranging from the most well known to the most confidential all coming together to show their most recent product.

Each time, I have a few things I fall for, but this time I told myself that I’d have to share some with you. And then on top of that it’s Father’s Day. My dad would never wear half the things I love, but, that said, if I pushed him a little, I’m sure he’d love to talk about outfits with me. * And I was about to give you a portrait of my father full of love and happy memories but I couldn’t do that to you on a Sunday. And maybe not on any other day of the week, I guess. Aaaaah daddy’s girls. We all are, am I right?* SO. Let’s get started with these three things…

#1 : These Trickers, photo below. I love them. If I were a guy, I’d buy them all the time. I’d wear them with pants that were a little short, and I’d be modern and cool at the same time and all the girls would fall like flies, just like that, boom.

#2 : D’Amico’s leather bracelets : They’re not even for sale. It’s just a little gift that the brand D’Amico gave away when you came by their stand. So it’s just an idea, but I really love a good leather bracelet on a guy and I wanted to show you. I tried to make Scott wear it but it didn’t work. He likes it fine, but it was bothering him. And ever since, this bracelet is on my wrist. Ahaha!

#3 : This is my dream turned reality. Italian grand-father shoes!!! Finally! I’ve been thinking so long that this style of shoe is amazing and finally someone thought to revamp them and package them in a way that’s irresistible. No but seriously, don’tcha think?! Pffff. These would make for some beautiful feet. They’re super comfortable, totally breathable, and seeing that my papa is four times a grand-father AND is Italian, it’s a no-brainer that I have to get him a pair. And there I was thinking that I found the greatest new thing and I should be a buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue, I found out that there are already some for sale at Colette.

Evidently, the always awesome Sarah had already found them!

So, that’s it for now. I still have some stuff to show you with lots of commentary that’ll be just as interesting. Yeah, because I have a brother too. And he sure is handsome… We’ll talk about it more later, mmmk?

Translation : Tim Sullivan