At the Stella McCartney’s resort presentation last week in New York. I loved the volumes…

The attention given to details… (Are you ready to wear suspenders?)

And it reminded me just how much I love menswear. Especially from Stella, who makes my favorite jackets.

And it all works out wonderfully because I’m on my way to Florence (not but literally, on my way. We’re in Italy in our Panda Fiat making our way through Tuscany (yeah, I have a driver’s license)(Yeah, I was surprised too. I totally forgot… !!!) (Pffff a Panda doesn’t hold the road so well!) (What was I thinking renting a Panda? = Because it was sooo cutttteeee!!!) so that I can accompany Scott to Pitti Uomo, the big menswear tradeshow, where you end up wanting to buy everything anyway even though it’s not made for you…

But here’s my woolly headed thought : Beware of the love of menswear. Okay, off we go, I’ll explain that to you oh so soon!

Big hugs!

Translation : Tim Sullivan