I’ve for sure tried to wear boots during summer. I had the whole look : natural leather boots that cost a pretty penny, the light little dress to go with and even a shoulder bag worn nice and low to finish the la vie bohème look that’d surely simmer Nicole Ritchie’s jealousy – yeah, this was light-years ago.

All I’m saying, the desire was definitely there.

It was without thinking about the heat.  Seriously now, girls. Where do you buy the mini air-conditioner to put in the boots? Take four steps and you’re about to spontaneously combust. I feel like I need ice cubes in my boots. Really now, the only thing worse I can see is walking in a pair of Louboutins in the desert, haha.

So I give up, and I’ve made my way right back to my dear, dear sandals.

Not so fast, These Fendis are as cool as the get, I’d almost be ready to sacrifice my feet for ’em. Bonne journée!

Translation : Tim Sullivan