You remember when I asked you to wish me good luck on Friday?

So here you have it. So when I asked you to wish me good luck, Friday, it was because I was shooting my first ad campaign for Love Moschino.

Wednesday, I was in Milan at Moschino, in the middle of PPM*, when I met Rossella Jardini, the artistic director. I loved her style right away, just how refined it is and her cheeky Italian humor.

Right after that, my new goal in life was to get myself invited over to her house for espresso.

And I finally got in!!! Here’s a few images I brought back for you. I loved the elegance mixed with the sense of humor that can only be found in Rossella’s universe. And I loved so much of her jewelry. The big necklace in the first photo, for example.

That’s Rossella, backstage at  Moschino runway show in 1990. Too chic.

Good luck room, all lined with elephants.

Et voilà! I’ve gotta go to a PPM*** (?). I send you all big hugs, bonne journée!


* !!! :-) !!! Champagne! Strrrrrress ! !!!

** Aaah ah! I’m starting to learn all the crazy technical terms. Pre-Production Meeting.

*** Post-Production Meeting. Does that exist? I’m not so good with this stuff. I just bring the photos I did on friday to the retouch studio. Okay, off we go! Big hugs!

Translation : Tim Sullivan