I eventually landed back home, well, not really, seeing as what happened last weekend.

This past weekend, David Yurman, the jewelry designer, and his team invited me to the shoot for their next ad campaign in St. Barth in the Caribbean. To go so far away for a day and a half is the craziest thing. Plus, outside of my fascination with palm trees, I’m not so much the island type. Except this, I just couldn’t refuse.

But now, the torture begins : I don’t have the right to say, or show you everything. I can’t even tell you about which models were there for the campaign… But if you know the brand, you know that the I saw some of the most beautiful women in the world.

I spent hours in the sun taking photos and making videos, and for the time being, I can’t share it all.

But I can share the most important thing for me:

The photographer for David Yurman campaigns for the past 10 years has been Peter Lindbergh. One of my life dreams has been, not to sit in the front row at a runway show, not to meet George Clooney, not even to take a helicopter tour or anything like that… (okay, well, that’s only half true, one of my dreams has definitely been to take a helicopter ride over Corsica, actually.)… But I digress…

One of my dreams has been to take part in a photo shoot with Lindbergh.

Which I didn’t tell him, of course, of course. I met him for the first time when he was having breakfast on the hotel terrace. He was looking through some pictures he had taken the day before, smiling, surrounded by others, and he kept on joking around. When he stood up, he seemed bigger than life. He put his big hands on my shoulders, looked me straight in the eyes  and said, “Okay, so you’re Garance? Tell me about you…”

And so there you have it. That’s how I knew in two seconds that no way was I wrong. It seems a little cheesy, but often the biggest names have the smallest egos. They’re often the least pretentious, the most simple, and the most attentive. And the most irresistible as well. They put you at ease. Right after this first meeting, it was paradise.

Lindbergh’s shoots were like I always dreamt they would be, the big black screen in the middle of the beach, steamy jazz playing in the background, sublime and natural girls, the make-up a bit undone by the salted sea spray, sand in their hair, light right in their eyes, and of course the enthusiasm that communicates so much, this humor and joy that makes 30 people be all of a sudden completely behind one man. I learned more in a day than I do in a year.

I didn’t ask him any questions. My happiness was simply in observing. Sometimes he’d come up to me, tell me a few stories, ask me some questions, try to understand what was this weird thing I do: this blog thing, it really interested him.

It’s nice when your idols are even better than you dreamed. This coming from me, who usually avoids meeting people I admire because I want to continue admiring them, and here, I found reality more beautiful than fiction.

At every second then I realized how lucky I was to be there.

It’s at the exact moment when I was thinking of how happy I was that I heard someone ask him if he was tired with all the heat and all, and he responded, “Me? Tired? But how lucky am I to be here? Naaaa, all is well, thank you! Everything’s perfect!”

That’s gotta be it, that’s one of the secrets. You have to continue to notice the moments when life really is paradise.

Translation : Tim Sullivan