There are some things that I just don’t talk about but really, what would my life be like without :

My white jeans. Everyday, everywhere, anywhere. Just love them !

My laser hair removal. Aaaahhh, come on out sunny days, short-shorts, swimsuits, and yeah, even you all things low-cut like in the 80s. You don’t scare me! A pimple underneath the skin? What? Never heard of it.

My self-tanner. WAIT WHAT my SELF-TANNER? But wasn’t it you that… Naaaahhhh. Wait. I wasn’t going to just let myself down like that, who do you think I am? I bought a GRADUAL hydrating bronzing milk. A little tanner every day, and no risk to end up like Valentino this time. And no streaks! So there!

Carrot, beet, ginger juice. Too. Weird. Too. Good !

Business class. Yeah. Yeah. A few times even. You know what the nicest thing about it is? The whole time YOU GET TO SLEEP. Simple as that.

My Keratin Treatment, but I think we’ve talked about that enough, no?

The P&P who did a parody of our last video. It’s so funny I want to parody their parody. Here, go check it out. They’re crazy but man I love it!

The Chinese tailor who reproduced my favorite jacket in five different fabrics for practically nothing. YEAH. I know, it’s a little shameful. BUT IT’S FANTASTIC! Especially since the original cost me an arm and a leg oh I can’t even talk about it. Brrrr… No good. Awesome!

Jogging. Okay, I’m kidding. But maybe this is a little attempt at self-inspiration. Let’s go get out the running shoes. Hmmm, soooo great!

Getting older. Children, I’m 35 years old! The day I turned it, a woman who had definitely reached her prime said to me, “Happy Birthday Garance. And now, stop telling anyone how old you are and in a few years everyone will forget the year you were born and you can start to cheat in peace.” I thought about that two seconds and said, “Ah? And what exactly will that do for me?” She didn’t know what to tell me, actually.

Translation : Tim Sullivan