I came across Camille Miceli in Shanghai in the middle of getting ready for the Dior cruise show. She’s taking care of the costume jewelry for Dior. Getting ready for a show like this is so crazy that we didn’t have much time to talk, but I found her bright smile, her joyful exuberance and her spectacular allure sums up well what I love about her jewelry.

I love the idea of wearing this with a simple white t-shirt and jeans. That’d work well for me. It would be like my own brand name for myself. I’d be “The girl with the jewelry” and I’d never have to go crazy over finding a dress for a party. That’d be nice. Packing would be so easy.

This bracelet would be the base for a simple outfit, relaxed and sophisticated at the same time. Maybe with a white jacket… perhaps. Or even a white suit! Think Bianca Jagger in the 70s…. Awesome idea. I’d go sailing on the Amalfi coast and so many super chic adventures would come my way like in The Talented M. Ripley. Except that nobody would jump out of the boat. Awesome !

As soon as I stepped foot in the boat, I’d take off my white suit so I don’t do the stupid-girl-wearing-a-white-suit-on-a-boat thing, and I’d have a white red coral bathing suit, and it’d go great with my yes (which would, of course, be blue), and this pearl necklace that I would swim with, like taking the pearls back into their natural habitat, the sea! I’d be, “The girl who loves nature and animals,” a modern Brigitte Bardot, but with a blog, and who loves animals, but only in moderation, and then AAAAaaahhh!!!! The necklace would be too heaaaaavvvyyy! SOS!!! I’m sinking!!!

Luckily, George Clooney Charlize Theron Viggo Mortensen Scott Schuman comes to the rescue with a lighter necklace, perfect for swimming with the oysters. He’d save me from the water just in time to get ready for the party at the Cannes film fest (the closest party we could find from the Amalfi coast. We would have to go there on a helicopter unless we wanted to get there for the Midem = hell). We would hate Cannes and realise life is elsewhere so we would escape in the warm night (in helicopter).

Before jumping in the helicopter, I’d grab my bracelet just to anchor me down again, reminding me of the tender hours I spent talking about nothing at all on my blog.

Ooookay, I’ll stop it with the silliness. Seriously though, I love this jewelry. And I promise to talk to you more about it the next time I see Camille. We’ve gotta make that happen. With some helicopter rides thrown in their too…

Translation : Tim Sullivan