The Oriental Pearl Tower, Mélinda calls it The Disco Ball.

As you could have most likely ascertained, I was rather fascinated by the immense buildings in Shanghai… And just as much by their fascinating light show. The Shanghai skyline made this little Frenchie lose her bearings some. They’re constructing a taller one every three minutes, so next time I make my way through the city, it will certainly be different, but for the moment, the Shanghai skyline looks like this :

I don’t know the name of this one, but Alexandra has dubbed it The Pineapple. Do note the retro-lazor that shoots out of the roof. One must respect The Pineapple.

Two John Does. Not so cool, we gotta find a name for them.

EDIT 17h54 : WOP ! We found the name of the first one ! The Jin Mao Da Sha (Thanks Sin!) But we still don’t know what that means – SkyScraper escaped from Gotham City, maybe?)

EDIT 18h06 : Clarisse thinks that THE FINGER would suit the second nameless building very well. Chris says “Oh yes ! It looks like a hand !” What do you think ?

The Shanghai World Financial Center, the tallest building (for the moment though. There’s a taller one going up right next to it.) (When you take the elevator, you get the impression you’re headed up for a moon landing.) where the Park Hyatt also resides, my hotel, and the pool is on the 93rd floor. Named by Virginie The Bottle-Opener.

The Skyline from the Jean-Georges restaurant (I didn’t even make that one up!) The Shanghai buildings act like giant electronic billboards. Total Empire State of Mind, you know? Surreal. Fascinating.