#1 – Try to find the secret behind Anna Mouglalis’ perfect smoky eyes.

#2 – Try to understand how Diane Kruger, who is her own stylist, makeup artist, and hair-stylist (a rarity!, still manages to be so perfectly natural.

#3 – Try and find jeans that flow like silk.

#4 – Try to seem like you don’t notice that everyone is watching you.

#5 – Try to walk around barefoot all summer long.

#6 – Try to figure out the secret behind Gaspard Ulliel’s dimple.

#7 – Succeed in getting myself a spot for the afternoon wherever Alexandra Golovanoff gets her hair done.

Et voilà ! Au revoir Saint-Tropez ! Big hugs to you all! And thank you for all your adorable comments! Long live exclamation points! And long live the Day of Ascension! What am I talking about?!  Who knows?! Who cares?! Bigggg hugggs!

Translation : Tim Sullivan