On friday, we organised a casting in my favorite café and bookstore in Sydney.

It was fun and we were having lattes with Rose (the angel who took care of me during this trip) while taking a look at their portfolios and making them pose to get an idea of what angles work.

To me, a good model has personnality (you can feel it in a picture), is not too shy (as sometimes I will ask her to jump like crazy in front of everybody) (or to cry), has a good sense of style (not so easy to give life to clothes, you have to understand them), be creative (not so easy to find cool and interesting poses) (= NOT SO EASY TO BE A MODEL!!!) (I’ve always thought it was a difficult job anyway)…

And then I also like to have a good feeling with the model, because I’ll shoot her as if she was a friend.

Here are a few of the girls I really loved.

(This is just a book, but it was so fun to have a casting in this café)

So tell me, who do you think I chose ?


PS : A big thank you to Chic and Scene, the model agencies, and to the Ampersand Bookstore & Café, which is now officially my office when I am in Sydney!

PPS : Sorry for the poor translation, I once again did it myself, this time difference is driving Tim & me crazy ! … Don’t hesitate to correct me !