Cut off in the middle of my joy-fest heading toward the airport to head off to Tokyo, here I am today sending you a post right from my dear living room. No arigatos to be said!

Yeah, for three days now, seeing as I couldn’t get a flight to Japan, Japan came to me just to piss me off a little. I got invited to dinner and they made sushi for me. Someone asked me, “Would you mind going shopping with me?” and then brought me to Uniqlo. I said, “Oh look at that! The trees are flowering!” And I was told, “Yeah, it’s like cherry blossom season in Japan right now, oh you have no idea, it’s so beautiful over there!”

YOU’RE RIGHT. I HAVE NO IDEA. THAT’S EXACTLY WHY I WAS GOING. Thank you giant cloud of ash, thank you.

So, we’ll take this opportunity to tackle some of our most important topics. With no relation between them and in no particularly order…

Number One : The straightening. You always ask me for updates on my Keratin treatment, and honestly, it’s awesome. My hair pretty quickly stopped being super straight, and now is a little more wavy. If I would get myself a real hair cut and if I hadn’t continually forgotten to use the special Keratin Treatment back in New York, it would be even better. Because of course there’s gotta be a super special, super expensive shampoo that goes with it. Otherwise it would be no fun.

Number Two : The trend of the spring. My non-departure left me a little time to finally get some shopping done. I could finally get an idea of what I’d be wearing this spring, and the verdict is surprising. I don’t need ANYTHING.
I know, it’s not the most exciting thing to say for a woman who’s supposed to talk about fashion. I reassured myself thinking that I am simply in a very Emmanuelle Alt period. That when I feel better in my body, a new shopping frenzy will take over. So, no need for anything… Nothing, except for a Stella blazer. Ah! I am still a girl after all.

Number Three : The friends. The fact that I stayed in Paris gave me some time to do the most incredible thing: spend some time with my friends. It’s something that I used to do often enough back in the day, spending Saturday afternoons talking about our lives, watching terrible movies, going to try stuff on, spending four hours on the phone, planning out roadtrips that’ll never happen… I almost never have time right now.

And really, really, really, I missed it.

So… Long live giant clouds of ash? Uhhhh, oh man. At the same time, let’s not kid around.

PS : Oh, and you know who I am the most jealous of ? Of Scott, who left New York for Tokyo, yesterday, no problem, super easily… Grrrr !

Translation: Tim Sullivan