The next time, between two waves of inspiration and four times “Whoooaaaaa your YSL bag is so amazing!!!” I asked her what her favorite places were in Paris. Seeing as I’m often asked for my favorites in Paris and for summaries of each, I’ve always got to have three good places handy so I thought it was time for me to ask some advice for some friends so we could share and everything. Then they’ll hate me forever for revealing their secrets.

They may fear they would be soon outnumbered by  hoards of tourists!!! Aahahah !

The result? We’ve pretty much got the same list. So here you go, a list just for you, and then we’ll all put together of our favorite shops all over the world and it will be great we’ll all sing in harmony.

Her favorite places (and my stupid commentary) :

Le Bottleshop, 5 rue Trousseau —> Tested and approuved by me. It was my ex-rocker Alex who brought me there the first time I got to Paris with my suitcases. We drank a whole bunch of cocktails because it was happy hour and because we were happy and because we didn’t have a penny to our names and I loved the atmosphere… Uhhhh… Rock and a whole bunch of good music. And ever since, I’ve been back often. The only thing is that every time I leave, I’m tipsy. The cocktails go a fallin’. On the ground. Literally. Into the gutter. Damn heels.

La Jolie Garde-Robe, 15 Rue Commines —> Tested and approved by me. Every time I go, I leave ruined by all the things I’ll never be able to wear. That’s just how it works with vintage and me. It just doesn’t happen, I don’t have a vintage body. But they’re so beautiful I have to buy them anyway. Besides that, Ondine says to check out Vintage Clothing, rue Crussol, but I’ve never been. And it’s just 2 minutes away from my apartment? Wait, what the heck am I doing?

And then she told me her favorite thing ever in Paris, and right away, I wanted to do it myself. We’ll all do it together, and that’s to picnic right on the Seine in summer. And she told me she loves to get a big plate of fish from Bofinger, but I don’t know if she takes it to go have her picnic? That all seems a little complicated for me.

Tempting, for sure, but complicated!

Okay, I’ll let you go. I’ve already talked too much.

If you want to see her work (seriously, it’s sublime), you can see her portfolio here. Have a good night!

Translation: Tim Sullivan