Here’s a few selected images from an editorial I shot for Elle UK in kiosks this month. I loved every minute of it from the casting to the shooting all the way through to the editing (Ah! So many ings).

Except for the fact that it started snowing right after this picture:

That’ll teach us to shoot in Paris in January!

Voilà! I’ll post some other images from the series a little later on today. And next time, I promise, I’ll bring you right along with me (With pictures? Video? On Twitter?) for every stage of the shoot, from the casting to the editing, all the way through to the retouching (Ahhh!! What’s with all these words!!!?). How does that sound?

Because really, I love, love, looooooooove taking photos. Big hugs!

Translation: Tim Sullivan

PS : Guess what the trend is in this editorial… ;-)

Fashion editor : Natalie Wansbrough-Jones.
Models : Marie Moreau (Metropolitan) et Michelle (Marilyn)…
And so many others ! I’ll tell you about about it soon…