In December, for a special edition called Power of Fashion (oh yeah), American Vogue asked me to participate in their Index. The Vogue Index is the practical guide to fashion. With the adorable (and patient) Meredith Melling Burke, we decided to talk about the lingerie trend. Of course, we needed to find a “street” angle to it. And a springtime angle as well. Even it was in December.

And yeah, it wasn’t the easiest task in the world.

– And on top of that, my calendar’s craziness made me do this whole project during my Christmas vacation. Au revoir vacation.

– And where was I during my Christmas vacation? In Corsica. I bet you’d have quite the time trying to find a good girl for Vogue US around Christmas in Ajaccio.

– And the clothes!!! Where am I going to find the clothes!

– Add to that it was -12 degrees Celsius + plus a total deluge during vacation. (Seriously, not kidding here, A DELUGE)(Boats couldn’t leave for two days) and then you’ve got the perfect picture of my all-nighters. And I had promised Scott we’d be eating oysters on the beach while I sing the praises of the sublime, temperate skies of my native island… It just isn’t fair. C’mon weather, how could you do this to me? I’m telling you, Scott gave me quite the evil eye.

But hey, it’s okay because to be fair, the summer before, he brought me to the Hamptons and you could cut through the fog with a knife until around noon, and then in the afternoon, nothing but rain. So yeah, cram it Americans.


Luckily, my mom knows everyone in town.

– Let me make a little aside here to point out that MY MOTHER, in AJACCIO, was helping me with a shoot for VOGUE US. I dunno… It just hit me the right way.

… My mom knows everyone in town including Marthe, the adorable owner of the boutique Joséphine, which sells Chloé, Stella, Paul Smith, and lots of other good stuff that I have to stop myself from spending all my time drooling over everything whenever I’m in town for the weekend. Together with my mother, they left no stone unturned in the entire town and found the superb Paula. And on top of that, Marthe said to me,

“For the shoot, you can take whatever you’d like from my shop.”

Corsicans, they’re not kidding when they talk about having each others’ backs. Tsss, just wait. Anna Wintour? Who’s that? No problem we’re all over it! So I chose an amaaaaazing lacey Paul Smith dress that was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. Between a couple photos, we ate cheese and canistrelli. It was my two worlds coming together. Pure joy. FRATELLIIIIII !!! Okay okay, deep breaths, Garance.

All’s well except for that night, Scott was heading out from Campo Dell’Oro (the Ajaccio airport, wait, you didn’t already know that?)

– Aside : SCOTT, in AJACCIO. I dunno… It just hit me the right away. He loved the grilled figatelli, like LOVED IT.

I was so proud I showed him my photos. And then he says to me, “Where’s the “street” angle exactly? This dress could totally be haute couture!”

Oh shit, shiiiiiiit!!! THE STREET ANGLE! I was so happy to have found a model and some outfits that I totally forgot. I tried to have him look at it again, but nothing. It wasn’t going to work. Had to reshoot.

Okay, this post is already way too long. WAYYYYYY too long and I have to head out to a casting. You want to hear the rest or are you good with this mini-story about a fashionista in Corsica?

Translation: Tim Sullivan