What’s funny about ski-wear is that most of the time it’s terribly ugly. I dunno, it’s like even the most elegant women, after a certain altitude, throw up their arms and say, “Send in the colors!!! Mirrored Sunglasses for all!!! More Fluorescent visors!!! Wooooohhhooo let’s go schuuuuussssssing!!!!”

And you know what? I’m exactly the same way. In the peak of my life as a snowboarder, you could have given me a golden jumpsuit and I would have been as proud as a peacock. Because one must, I found the craziest Arnette sunglasses that reflect the entire ski station. I had a wool headband around my ears that I clipped to my hair to defy all laws of gravity. Thank god I never quite got my hands on any white lipstick. I would have loved it.

That’s what I get for spending my days flying headfirst into the snow.

When I got to Aspen, known for being ultra-chic, I was half-expecting to see people wearing Moncler, fur, and getting to the top of the mountains jumping out of helicopters, but no, not actually how it is.

It’s totally relaxed in terms of style. Tech-wear, comfort above all and flashy colors optional. Well, maybe I should add that you can still go shopping for a Rick Owens jacket after your hot apple cider.

So even though I’m not the nostalgic type, I gotta say, in terms of ski-style, IT WAS BETTER BEFORE. I’m sure all these people were completely freezing in their non-polar wool sweaters. But at least they suffered with distinction. And on top of that, the photos were in black & white. Makes it too easy to coordinate colors. Pffff no fair.

I wanted to get a closer look so I went to the Aspen Historical Society. And I found this delightful dish, Lana Turner. Oh man, so great.

And then tons other anonymous faces covered in jumpsuits… Oh my…. Ultra sexy!

Okay, so I’m exaggerating a little. It seems like there are a few young brands that are ahead of the game. If one day you are looking for good snow clothes, go walk around Aether,  Kjus, or Authier. Super classy.

Now that we’ve hit a stopping point, I’ll stop talking to you about the snow, seeing as I got to NYC yesterday looking amazing in my ski-lodge clothes seeing that outside, IT WAS SPRINGTIME.

I’ll leave you with the smiling Lana Turner, total YSL S-S 2010 with her strawberry sweater. She’s so cute I wanted to paint my nails nice and red. Okay, off we go! Goodbye factory worker hands! Hello elegance of women from yesteryear!!! BONJOUR SPRINGTIME!!!

Translation : Tim Sullivan