Emmanuelle. I don’t have her wardrobe nor her sense of style. But because of the public demand and the crazy amount of comments (=2 1/2) asking about my 10 basics, I just couldn’t resist.

But on one condition. I want to know your basics as well. Maybe we’re not just like Emmanuelle, but we all have our own style and we can all share a few good ideas about basics. For me, the things I’m always coming back to are….

1 – A white shirt that saves me in every situation. I always get a men’s shirt because I don’t like the overly refined feminine shirts. Makes me think too much of Katie Couric.

2 – A pair of slim jeans. I wasn’t much of an early adopter, ohhh noooo, but I got real tired real fast of the boyfriend pants. I don’t get ’em hemmed, I never really knew how to do it right anyway, I just cut them right off with scissors, right above the ankle. My favorites? Helmut Lang and… Zara.

3 – Grey cashmere sweaters. Bompard. The only ones to understand a true plunging V-neck. Sexy, soft, and warm!

4 – Still a V-neck, the super thin Gap t-shirts. They get the most perfect wear-holes.

5 – My Vuitton bag by Sofia Coppola. Simply the best.

6 – Brown M&Ms, without peanuts. They’re irresistible and go well with everything.

7 – Super bright red nail polish. My ideal is to always have my hands well done, and short nails freshly polished. My reality is that my ideal only happens about once every two months. The rest of the time, I have working-man’s hands. But this’ll change. We’ve walked on the moon, can we really not invent a nail-polish that dries in less than five minutes?

8 – Really high and pointy pumps. I dream about Louboutin Pigalles with the red outer-soul, but I can’t do it anymore, makes me think too much about Pamela Anderson.

9 – Watch, Rolex, only steel.

10 – For soirées, I always dream about a Yves Saint Laurent smoking jacket.

Okay, off we go. I’ll stop it with the narcissism. I’ve gotta be missing a couple of basics here, but actually, as I’m rereading this, I really think I could dress myself just with the clothes listed here without getting tired of them.

Okay… Your turn!

Translation : Tim Sullivan

EDIT : The more I read your comments, the more I am like, oh my god, I forgot my scarves ! And a trench ! And a leather jacket !!! Pfff, 10 items is not enough ;-)