It’s true that Emmanuelle Alt is mysterious. … That she’s beautiful, so Paris and responsible for some of my most favorite fashion moments, whether it’s from a series of photos, a collaboration with a designer, or simply one of her outfits.

I love her style. I love that one of the biggest stylists of our generation is so unique in her simplicity. And she’s been like that for a while now ! It definitely hit me one day. I was perusing around on Fashion Spot, and I found this :

It’s from when she worked for 20 ans. It was quite a while ago, and I find that you get the essentials of what marks her style today from her 10 favorite style accessories. Sparse, simple, sexy. Very Emmanuelle, you know? Except for the fact that she doesn’t smoke anymore. How cool is that?

It really inspired me.

Bonne journée!

Translation : Tim Sullivan


Hey all, here’s a translation of the interview, just ’cause I care.

1- Shoes : Black plastic flip flops, practical, chic and sexy.

2-Socks/Stockings : black stockings by Wolford (just because of the amazing Newton ads)

3-Trousers : Black trousers by Helmut Lang, because they are timeless, loose, but not huge.

4-Dress/Skirt : I don’t wear them but from time to time I enjoy wearing a perfectly cut black Ann Demeulmester skirt barefoot, and you gotta wear it with tan legs.

5-Jacket/Coat : A black coat by Costume National, totally modern.

6- Underwear : A sheer ‘Glossies’ bra by Gossard, either in black or beige, like tights, no couture there.

7- T-Shirt : An APC black T-shirt, short sleeves, and because it’s small, it looks like a 70s T-shirt.

8-Sunglasses : Armani black ones, totally Bono.

9-Accessories : Air King watch by Rolex because you could never do better.

10- Absolute basic for an evening : A long black dress by Galliano, chic without being granny-style, sexy and pure with Manolo Blahnik sandals