Monday, 10:34 : Stella McCartney at Opera Garnier. The show is a complete contrast with the explosion of gold in the decor. It’s simple, straight cut, and beige, beige, beige.

4:08 : At Kenzo. Anna Dello Russo says to me in her lovely Italian accent, “Ah, but Garance! You’re coming to the Jonathan Newhouse dinner! Okay! But that’s fan-tas-tique!!”

6:00 : I go home to get ready. Dinner with Jonathan Newhouse = a huge honor = huge amounts of stress.

For once, I know exactly what I’m going to wear: the one, the only, the sublime Balmain dress that Carole gave me a year ago.

This dress is everything it should be. Simple and beautiful. And I still don’t know how it succeeds in giving me the most amazing silhouette I could ever imagine. Well, so I’ve been told. I’m just like everyone else, always thinking I’m too big. (Especially during fashion week, big, tired, and crazy.)

7:30 : The only problem is that when you’re not used to fancier outfits, it’s tough to find stuff to go with the dress.

It’s 10 degrees outside and I’ve got nothing to wear over my dress.

7:36 : But as it is 10 degrees outside, I definitely find something to wear over my dress. I put on a cape and long grey gloves. I tie my hair back and put on some red lipstick because red lipstick = 200 fancy outfits. Even with the red lips, I still freeze.

8:00 : In a taxi with Scott, heading toward the Grand Palais for the Yves Saint Laurent show. He can’t stop telling me how beautiful I am. This guy, he sure gets it.

8:57 : In the Grand Palais. It’s freezing. I don’t really understand the show. But that happens to me often enough.

10:08 : We get to Prunier for dinner. To keep it short, Jonathan Newhouse is the CEO for the international editions of Condé Nast. So all the editor-in-chiefs of all the international Vogues are here. Carine, Franca, Yolanda are here, super glamourous. Anna Dello Russo and Emmanuelle as well. Coolitude on top of coolitude. She’s in a pair of jeans and a Balmain jacket.

10:16 : Guests of honor : Alber Elbaz, Christophe Decarnin, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Scott. And me.

When I was saying that Jonathan and his wife were doing us a huge honnor, I wasn’t kidding. Wow.

10:17 : … Wow.

10:25 : Christope Decarnin has an incredible gentleness to him. I show him my dress winking at him. He gives me a big smile. I dunno, I thought it might be nice for him to see one of his creations on a normal girl. (Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, normal girl in an exceptional situation, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, exceptional. I agree.)

11:26 : Anna introduces me to Mary-Kate and Ashley. Without sunglasses, all smiley and charming. These girls look devilishly intelligent.

11:30 : At our table, Anna Dello Russo is cracking everybody up. This woman is heaven.

12:20 a.m. : Home again! Near dead! There are still a few mails to check and a post to do.

2:00 : I’m going to sleep at 2, utterly exhausted… But I know that these next two days are the last, and I’m so looking forward to them.

Tuesday, 10:02 : At Chanel, mini-bags with two kinds of lipstick are freebies. Cool! It’s the one from the Vanessa Paradis ad! So beautiful. I put mine right on. I look up and right there, I see… Vanessa Paradis. Hmm. Hmmm sometimes my life just seems so bizarre. Like reality is moving past fiction, just like that, nothing big, two or three times a day.

11:07 : Chanel starts. A giant iceberg under the arches of the Grand Palais, it’s beautiful…

12:36 : I’m talking on the phone with Salomé. At the same time, I’m fumbling around in my bag because I need to send a text to Chris. I’m looking everywhere, turning my bag upside down, and I still can’t find my cell phone. Merde! Where is it?


Right next to my face. I’m in the middle of talking to Salomé with it.

Pffffffff I think I’m a little tired.

3:00 : At Chloé, everything is pure, beautiful, and beige, beige, beige. Prepare yourselves for an overdoooooose of beeeeeige!!! As always, all the girls love it. And we filmed the whole thing. So I’ll be back soon! Big hugs!

Translation : Tim Sullivan