Here’s a few select morsels from my weekend, because if I told you everything, it’d take all day.

Okay so yeah, sorry, it’s still gonna take all day.

Friday, 10:35 a.m. : You know what? I thought it was spring already. I wore an oversized button-down, a mini-trench, and soon there’ll be an oversized flu.

10:35 : I love Paris fashion week. Each day is exceptional. Today, Vionnet, Dior, Isabel Marant, Lanvin + an opening + A Purple Party that I won’t be going to because I’ll be too tired. Lemmie tell you, it won’t be anytime soon that I’ll be your party reporter.

12:45 : My jeans fell down. Oh my god I lost some weight!!! At the same time, breakfast today: 15 peanuts. Yep, but at Meurice now, Ahaha.

4:00 : I want to film at Isabel Marant, so I have to jump across the entire city in negative 30 minutes. … As the show was supposed to start at 3:30.

4:15 : I made it! Melanie and Anna from Vogue (who has a chauffeur)(During fashion week, the world is divided into two categories, those with chauffeurs and those without)(I’m with the withouts.)

4:35 : Backstage as Isabel Marant, I’m crawling on the floor four steps away from Isabel trying to film her shoes. You’ll have the result soon.
4:37 : Backstage at Isabel Marant, I attack the fruit plate. … Just because there’s no champagne.
4:38 : Backstage at Isabel Marant, I want these red leather pants right away.

6:34 : Just like after every Lanvin show, I’m in a state of perfect happiness. I see Clémence Poésy coming toward me, “How you doing Garance? It’s so good to see you!” Wow, and I only met her once. This girl’s golden.

Saturday, 10:03 : Got an invitation from Max Mara for an intimate dinner at Caviar Caspia. Didn’t have a lot of time to conceptualize my outfit (I need a styliiiiiiiist!!! Jaaaaaade! Getting dressed for fashion weeks is a full-time job!!!) I wear some baggy pants and a simple shirt because I’m a wreck.  I get there and everyone is pretty much in black tie. Carine is head-to-toe in gold, Franca Sozzani is shimmering, Alexandra Golovanoff is… sublime as always. I’m beginning to understand what intimate means for Max Mara around the time Suzy Menkes gets there and sits between Scott and me.

10:02 : …

10:35 : What’s so great in fashion is when you have one of those encounters that illuminate and shed light on the journey. Suzy Menkes is incredible, irresistible, curious, personable, and brilliant. I expected no less, but still, I’m in paradise.

I want to sit here and tell you our conversation second by second (seriously I remeber EVERYTHING) but Tim (the angel who translates my texts) would kill me.

11:45 : Caviar potatoes, no worries, THEY’RE HERE.

And then… No Montana. Are you crazy? Straight to bed for me.

Sunday 9:55 : Totally running late in the taxi on the way to Karl Lagerfeld. It’s at Tuileries. I love the atmosphere, the light there, always so pretty, so epic, alwa…

Okay we’re here.

10:00 : F*@# Sh%* IT’S FREEZING!!!

10:15 : so cold that I can’t type anymore, myyyyyyyyyyyyy haaaaaaaanddsssss froze.

11:35 : Chris meets up with me at Starbucks. We finished the Dolce & Gabbana video. So much work last week that we didn’t have time… And editing takes a crazy amount of time! It’s so awesome but it takes so much time! And I don’t want to be late to Céline at 1:00!

3:00 : WOW.

3:00 : Céline, Céline, Céline. The strongest show this Fashion Week. Collective exhilaration… what’s a good word for that? A show with so much anticipation and so well received that the public didn’t even let the models finish before running to the back to congratulate Phoebe backstage. It gives a spontaneously joyful twist at the end to a show so meticulously orchestrated. For the first time, right in front of my eyes, a new woman, a new inspiration takes form. But I’ll tell you all about it so soon: between Scott, Chris and I, we got the whole thing on film.

For the first time since the start of fashion week, I’m overexcited.

To commemorate, we have a glass of wine at Castiglione. Any reason’s a good reason.

5:55 : It’s after Sonia Rykiel, always awesome and fun, and I’ve got a cup of The Sweetest Hot Chocolate on Earth at The Worst Bistrot in Paris. I’m high on sugar, I’ll let you go.

8:15  : On my way to Givenchy!!! These days are so crazy. They never end. And it’s been like this for almost a month. Give me some vitamins, a massage, and some coffee, my friends, I need a life back.

1:15 a.m. : I’m rereading my post and finishing off a box of Muesli sprawled out on my couch in grey jogging pants. Totally un-glam. It feels so good.

Okay, I’m off to Stella. Bonne journée!

Translation : Tim Sullivan.