The most important thing in life is learning to adapt. For a long time, I’ve managed to spend my nights during fashion week writing, but now, I’m going to have so many things to do in the next 10 days that the best I can do is write directly onto my phone between runway shows in order to take you with me on my days.

So this is… A super experimental post, something like Twitter, just not in real time!

Right now, as I’m writing to you, I’m on the métro. Of course not, I don’t have a chaffeur. I’m on my way to Balenciaga. I’m two hours late… Because… Well, okay, let’s rewind.

8:00 : I take a little time to work. I have some super urgent stuff to get to, like super immediate-do-it-now stuff. Like give some direction to the retouch lab for an editorial I shot (Yoohoo!) with a deadline tonight (Boohoo). Or finish an illustration for a cover (!)(Yoohoo!) that they asked me to have finished the day-before-yesterday. And then there’s the 6823 unread mails. I’m like a spell of vertigo. Garance. Calm down. Deep breathes. Inhale…. Exhale…

11:00 : Oh shit. Time goes fast. I gotta get ready! Every time I get back to Paris, I tell myself that it’ll be great, that I’ll have all my outfits, finally be at home, that I’ll be able to get dressed in 15 seconds. And finally be super classy. (PS: My goal in life.)

11:35 :  2,500 outfits tried on too late, I hate having so much to chose from, I want to go shopping, and there’s no way I’m going to have time to change before tonight. And tonight, I’ve gotta go to Merci, Bar Vogue, and the opening of the Zahm exhibition at Colette.

11:55 : I get to Concorde. I’m gonna try to get into the 2nd Balenciaga show, the one for buyers. I’m gonna let you go, I have to runnnnn. See you in a second!


12:03 : Pffff. The show already started. It’s already ended, actually.

I’m depressed but I run into Carole, my best friend who does the buying for Département Féminin, and who’s wearing a Céline shirt that right away I want to steal off her back. But since I can’t steal it, I take her picture.

I ask her how the show was. She loved the colors and she thought the show was a real explosion of creativity. She tells me she’s gonna go to the showroom on Monday to see the the collection’s commercial version. I’m going with her. I love showrooms, buyers’ opinions, knowing how the collections are greeted by the public, etc…

It teaches me so much about fashion!


12:30 : Ok. I’ve got a half hour. Ok. Don’t laugh. I went home to change. OK. I TOLD YOU NOT TO LAUGH! It’s fashion week, I’ve got every right to be crazy.


3:00 : Pfffff, this post is already too long! Okay, off we go, we’re going to the Balmain show. Between the last note and now, just an FYI, I had a thai chicken sitting on my couch talking with Salomé, my dear agent, who is always on my back (and I love this about her)(My goodness, you really are going to know everything.)


At Balmain, Giovanna shows me a video on her camera. She’s choreographing something, it’s quite crazy. We both crack up. I think the video is on YouTube. I almost attack her trying to get the link out of her.

3:45 : Balmain is about to start, we’re about 1 person per 3/4ths of a seat. Someone just sat on me, but hey, I’ve done the same myself more than once. I welcome my visitor with a smile. EVERYONE IN THE FASHION WORLD IS HERE.


4:55 : With Scott, in a taxi to get to Rick Owens. Jazz in the background, amazing sunshine. Balmain was funny, total recession-denial, lots of gold, brocades and Prince in the background.


5:35 : At Rick Owens with Giovanna and Anna, who are dying laughing because Anna is wearing a Francesco Scognamiglio belt and when the photographers asked her to spell it, in English, she didn’t even know where to start :

After the superb Rick Owens Show, I find Carole again. I slip into her car (she’s got a chauffeur!) and we jet into the first café we can find. It’s been way too long since we’ve seen each other.  All these trips are great, but I really miss my friends entirely too much.

I wasn’t quite ready for today. I spent the entire day moaning (I wanted to hide under my bedspread, remember?) but then suddenly, having some coffee with a friend did me a world of good. All my tensions melt away and my energy came right back… I get back to my house and I…

Oh my goodness, this post is already too long. I’ll stop there. Next time, if there is a next time, I’ll try to keep it more concise!

Big hugs!