Yoohoo girls and boys (???!?) !

I still can’t believe that fashion week in Milan is already over. I’m like Giovanna, very very low on energy, very very high on coffee. But I dunno, something in me is stirring, and that something is called SPRINGTIME.

We’ve had two amazing days of little jackets and NO TIGHTS in Milan. Look, the new colors are already here!

I’ve got the impression that the following months are going to be washed out. Everything comes out in the wash. And I’m not talking about Bianca’s* hair. The jeans are a sky blue of years passed, the pinks are pale, the greys are pearl and let’s not even talk about beiges or khakis who are going to invade this entire blog so that you’ll beg me to find a more lively color to wave in front of you.

Pfff, easier said than done. That’s quite a mission

In the meantime, let’s all appreciate the softness of these almost-spring silhouettes and let me take a nice deep breath after a marathon weekend of style. I have so many super important things to tell you about, like skirt lengths, my favorite shows, my bustier dress, and my very first interview with Annnnna balancing on one heel (luckily it was a wedge!). And If I feel myself capable of tackling such a vast subject, we’ll even talk about the future of fashion.

Pffff, my to-do list for this week is so harsh. Let it go, I’m never gonna get to everything. Okay, I gotta get back to sleep.

Big hugs!


* She totally stole my idea! Except I stopped with the fade because it didn’t look NEARLY as good as it looks on her, or Daphné…. Grrrrmmm.

Translation : Tim Sullivan.