I’ve always believed I had green eyes. Not boring brown as everybody seems to believe. Green. Yes, look closer. Isn’t there a little green stain here? On the left side? What, no?

Well… Ok then. My eyes are khaki. And you know what? I am totally fine with that. Because khaki is the big trend of the season. Khaki ? The New Black. My eyes are a total hit this season, and count on me for making everybody know.

It all started in Paris. October, end of fashion week, me sooo exhausted that my skin was starting to match my eyes with its olive-ish (My boyfriend told me that you can put an “ish” to any word, it will give everybody the feeling that I totally master engl-ish) tone. I was wandering between fashion shows like a lost soul, high-heels-sick and all confused with new trends I hadn’t had time to digest, when suddenly I saw Yasmin, one of my favorite fashion inspiration, with a khaki outfit.


Following was Melanie, rocking Altuzarra from head to toe. In what ? Khaki on khaki.

Wow Wow. My fashion senses were starting to vibrate again.

That’s when I heard a nice frenchie “Hello !” just behind me. Carine. In a super sexy men’s shirt. Khaki khaki khaki.

Fashion shock. You know, like waking up to life again.

How could it be that I hadn’t seen this trend coming ? How un-fashiony (My boyfriend didn’t tell me to put an y at the end of each word, I sort of found it myself. I’m quite proud !) of me ! I mean that trend is MY trend ! Khaki is the perfect color : it makes any other color look amazing (if you don’t believe me, please try it with pink !), it’s casual and refined at the same time (who does not dream to be casual and refined at the same time?) and last but not least, it works SO good with my eyes.

I ran back to my appartment and opened wide the doors of my closet. Okay. Khaki scarf, check. Khaki pants, check. Khaki jacket, check! Yay! A trend that I can totally shop my closet for! How post-recessiony of me. Perfect.

The remaining question was of course, now how do I wear that? Do I go literally total look? Not very sartorial. Plus I don’t super-dig looking like a soldier.

No. Not total khaki look unless Altuzarra or Balmain send me (people at Elle feel free to pass on my mail adress in Paris please) one of their amazing little party dresses -with the matching shoes, of course.

Until I receive my package, I choose to play it safe and do my khaki in little touches. And my favorite item is my military jacket. So simple, so cool. 5€ in a thrift shop in Paris and taking any outfit a step cooler since 2006.

And so perfect with my amazing green eyes !


This is a little text I wrote for the Last Elle Collection (UK) (Which is quite amazing by the way). I was so much on deadline I had to write it directly in english without the help of my lovely genius translator, Tim. I sent it to Avril Mair, my editor, telling her : You know Avril, my english is so bad it could be maybe… Charming ? Funny ? Frenchy Chiquy ?

And you know what ? She agreed !

By the way, now I have to go, cause I have to translate it… To french !!!

Gosh, my life is weird.

Kisses !

PS : In spite of the fact that I use the first person to talk, it’s not me in the picture… It’s Trish Goff, but I am sure your recognized her!