Tuesday, at the Burberry Prorsum show, I was seated across Mary-Kate Olsen. Next to her, Kate Hudson was joking with Rachel Zoe across the catwak and Kristen Stewart was watching all the hysteria around. Mary-Kate, dressed all in black, hiding behind giant sunglasses and a Mona Lisa smile, was totally still.

Scott says to me, “What does that mean? I just don’t get it. What’s the point of the big sunglasses? Does she have an eye problem? Is she releasing her own line of sunglasses? Does she not want us to recognize her?

And I say to him, “Maybe it’s just because she doesn’t want to make eye contact? That way, she’s got a little bit of peace?”

But at the same time, I kept thinking, it’s weird. When you get all ready for public appearances, it’s to be seen. Even if yeah, if she plays hard to get, there’ll be lots of curiosity. In the end, maybe it’s because she understand the whole game better than….

Luckily, the show started. The lights were dimmed and I forgot all about Mary-Kate Olsen.

Anyway. To play hide and seek, like Olivia Palermo, I’ve always prefered hoods, hats, and scarves….

Translation : Tim Sullivan.