Chanel clogs, New York, Tuesday, February 16th 2010…

Clogs-boots-combats-brooms sweeping out the TopShop exits just outside the show, London, February 22nd 2010.

We’re still waiting on Milan and Paris. You think we should just admit defeat right away?


Clogs are everywhere. They’re hiding as every other kind of shoe. And I mean really, what is a clog, truly? Oh no, I’ve lost my ability to speak. (Like that’s new, ahah), but I’m still saying that a wooden heel with studs, no matter what the shoe, still smells a little like a farm.


And the worst, you know what’s the worst?

Oh man, the worst, you know what it is.

The worst is that I’ve started to like them just a little.


The trend = 1, Garance = 0.

Big hugs!

Translation : Tim Sullivan.